As a teacher, it is my job to understand the unique needs and goals of every student who enters my studio. Each lesson is tailored to the student to build on their skills, build their confidence, and inspire artistic expression so that these goals may be reached. 

I believe in a strong foundation of the fundamental skills that flute playing requires - proper breathing, production of a good tone, technique, and posture. I encourage students to become more self-aware during lessons, promoting thoughtful discussion of cause and effect, self-questioning, and mindful focus. All students learn to practice more efficiently by learning these skills. Additionally, students learn to think creatively for themselves, enabling them to find their own voice and interpretation.

I encourage students to welcome opportunities to perform in solo, chamber, and large ensemble environments. Additionally, students are encouraged to prepare music for competitions, summer masterclasses, and summer camps. Through these experiences, they learn adversity, working as a team, and how to prepare pieces for auditions or a panel of judges. These are skills that students can take and apply to every day life. 

The ultimate goal for every student is to find joy in music. 



Lessons are customized to the student and will include: 

  • Developing a full and flexible tone 
  • Fine-Tuned Technique
  • Clear articulation including single, double, and triple tonguing
  • Relaxed and Open Breathing
  • Correct and comfortable posture
  • Building on interpretive and phrasing skills so that you may develop your own artistic voice
  • Etudes, Duets, Solo Repertoire
  • Self-Awareness
  • Audition/Competition Practice techniques and preparation
  • Piccolo Instruction


  • Flute lessons are available to students in Southern New Hampshire, Greater Boston, and via Skype. Students having in-person lessons will take lessons at my studio in Nashua, NH. 
  • Students are expected to come to their lessons with a working instrument, their music and books, a pencil, and a notebook. 
  • Practice is necessary to improve your skills - please be prepared to make a commitment to practice according to practice plans discussed in your lessons. 
  • Please cancel by phone or email at least 24 hours in advance. If you are canceling due to an emergency, please call. Students who cancel less than 24 hours in advance (no emergency) will forfeit their lesson payment. I will attempt to reschedule within the same week if availability allows. 


  • 30 minutes: $30.00
  • 45 minutes: $40.00
  • 60 minutes: $55.00 

Rates shown are per-lessons. 

For inquiry on lesson rates for Skype lessons, please visit the Skype lesson page

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