***Erin is not accepting new private students at this time as her studio is filled. If you are interested in lessons, please contact Manchester Community Music School or Concord Community Music School.***


Private lessons are a great way to further your abilities or just to learn how to have fun while playing! For the past ten years, I have been working privately with students from ages 3 and up in lessons personalized to every student that walks in the door. I use positive reinforcement throughout all of my lessons because after all, any artistic endeavor has it's ups and downs. What's most important is building your confidence and passion for the art and allowing you to find your own voice in music.

With a beginner instrumentalist, we'll focus on how to properly care for your instrument, how to comfortably hold it, how to create a clean and rich tone, and the fundamentals of technique, theory, and ear training. Private lessons are a perfect supplement to large group, in-school lessons and can provide your musician with the one-on-one attention they need. Each student is different, but with young beginner musicians, I recommend a half hour lesson.

For intermediate or advanced flutists, we'll focus on honing your technique, strengthening your foundation, and providing you with all of the tools to express music in the way you wish. We'll fill in holes and correct habits that may have been previously learned. All advanced students still in high school are encouraged to audition for the All-State Festival, Honors Band Festivals, and any competitions or masterclasses in the area. When it comes time to upgrade on instruments, I will be there to answer any and all questions and accompany you to try out flutes. With more advanced students, I recommend a 45 minute or hour long lesson.

I have experience working with students with special needs and would be happy to set up a consultation with you and your family before starting lessons.

Lessons are offered in my home studio in Nashua, NH, Manchester Community Music School, or Concord Community Music School. Please contact me if you are interested in lessons or if you have any questions.


Beginner to Advanced Flutists, all ages

Beginner to Intermediate Piano, all ages

Beginner to Intermediate Baroque Flute, all ages

Beginner to Advanced Music Theory, all ages

Beginner to Advanced Ear Training, all ages

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